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The story

of Koderfin

Koderfin was founded by a couple with a vision of transforming the outdated early education system, to make way for a more relevant, futuristic, and skill-based teaching and learning platform. Their unique approach to education was named Ai-share, which experts believe is the need of the hour and is thus the winner of an 'Education Innovation Award'.


Koderfin's award-winning and patented Ai-share pedagogy is all about preparing students ​ready for a challenging yet interesting tech-driven future.


The Ai-share way of teaching maps futuristic skills like coding, robotics, AI, etc to regular schooling and essential life skills, in a fun, highly effective, and affordable learning eco-system, the very reason why Koderfin is the preferred choice for students and schools alike!


The future of learning!


Our courses

All our courses are based on Koderfin's own award-winning and patented Ai-Share pedagogy. We have only got a limited number of courses to choose from, but each one of it is thoughtfully designed and is also customizable, to help students build a strong foundation in both futuristic skills, as well as regular schooling and essential life skills!


Ai-share add-on for

Schools & Educators

At Koderfin, we are as passionate and ambitious as you are, about making futuristic and effective teaching and learning eco-systems, accessible and affordable for all. At the same time, we are also completely aware, it is like-minded people and organizations like you, who can help us build a better future for all!

If you are a school or an educational institution, offline or online, searching for a like-minded partner to add futuristic skills like coding, robotics, AI, soft skills, and more, to your existing curriculum, our award-winning and patented Ai-share add-on could be the best solution for you. Together, let's prepare our students ready for the future!



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