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Coding, soft skills and subject tuitions

Grade K-10

About us


Koderfin is an ambitious project, founded by an equally ambitious couple, with the aim of transforming the outdated early education system to make way for a more relevant and futuristic skill-oriented teaching and learning method, in a fun, highly effective, and affordable learning eco-system. 


Ai-share is the future

Ai-Share is the award-winning and patented pedagogy developed by Koderfin. Ai-Share curriculum add-on maps futuristic skills like coding, robotics, etc to regular school subjects and also real-life skills, thus equipping students from pre-school and above not just ready for today but also for a challenging yet interesting tech-driven future! 


Our programs

All our programs are based on Koderfins own award-winning and patented Ai-Share pedagogy. We have only got a limited number of programs to choose from but each one of it is thoughtfully designed and is also customizable to help students build a strong foundation in both futuristic skills as well as regular schooling and essential life skills!




Manalody, Nilambur

Kerala, India 679 329

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