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Koderfin is the best online learning ecosystem for your whole family. Choose a program that suits you the best and together, let us build a better future for all! 

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Our coding programs are not just about creating yet another bunch of programmers. It is about using computer coding as a medium to help students chase their passions and dreams and in turn achieve their goals.

Such a skill-based learning ecosystem that combines the present to the future is what Ai-share won a patent for!

Ai-share is a highly effective and unique way for students to master coding as it maps the future to regular schooling and essential life skills!

Why Ai-share coding? 


Students are always in need of all that extra support and guidance they can get and with the right mentor by their side, they can do wonders, especially on their journey towards a challenging yet interesting future!

Why Ai-share subjects tuition?

Ai-share is an inclusive and experiential learning platform for students of today preparing for a better tomorrow!

Together, let's help them succeed!


Learning is a never-ending process, no matter if you are a busy homemaker or a working professional in need of those extra skills. Our future-ready programs are not just for your kids, but it is for you too!

Why Ai-share upskill?

Ai-share is a brilliant learning ecosystem for you to gain some essential new skills, based on your passions, to bring out the best in you!


Ai-share @School is an innovative curriculum add-on for schools aiming to transform their existing institutes into world-class and future-ready centers of excellence and tech-centric teaching and learning hubs!

Why Ai-share @School?

The Ai-share @School curriculum add-on prepares schools to equip their students market ready for a challenging yet interesting tech-driven future!

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Koderfin is an inclusive and skill-oriented learning ecosystem for your whole family. koderfin's award-winning and patented Ai-share pedagogy maps futuristic skills like coding, robotics, AI, etc to essential life skills and regular schooling, thus equipping students of today ready for a challenging yet interesting tech-driven future!

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